Our approach

Everything we do is based on business outcomes for our customers. Our highly skilled team includes scrum masters, product owners, cloud developers, senior DevOps engineers, and test automation engineers. Together these experts empower the digital transformation of your organisation.

What we stand for...

As experienced consultants, our experts are agile, adaptable, and passionate in their approach to transforming your business and empowering your people to meet your challenges and goals. Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, our experts provide relevant solutions and work with you to ensure your operational efficiency. Open-minded, our experts never stop learning and experimenting in order to analyse and propose the most current technologies tailored to your specific situation.

  • Relevance icon Relevance

    As TBSCG experts, we take a pragmatic approach to provide relevant solutions, regardless of the client or sector invovled. We always ensure that the solutions and advices provided are the right ones, tailored to the needs. We connect the right experts to the right problems.

  • Adaptability icon Adaptability

    We embrace an agile approach allowing us to adapt to market trends & changes. We are constantly transforming ourselves to deepen our understanding on our client’s needs and challenges.

  • Trust icon Trust

    We believe there’s no partnership possible without trust. We collaborate with our clients and teammates to build the necessary trust to develop honesty & lasting partnerships accross borders.

  • Expertise icon Expertise

    Our global experience and passion for the industry makes us best in class. Passionate about technology, yet pragmatic and open-minded, we listen to our client’s needs and deliver our expertise as a business partner.

  • Global icon Global

    Our experts can come from all over the world and team up efficiently. We work for companies regardless of their location. Together, we go around the clock.


Since 2003, TBSCG has been enabling the digital transformation of enterprises. Our approach places cloud at the centre of this new digital ecosystem. This modernised application and infrastructure landscape provides an agile platform that promotes innovation, delivers great customer experiences, and offers new business models based on new digital capabilities. In addition to significantly lowering operational costs, this architecture gives its clients the elasticity to instantly scale up or down depending on business needs both now and in the future.

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