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Business Analysis

Our Business Analysts deliver the insights your organisation needs to guarantee your solutions are aligned with your business requirements and your industry’s needs, thus keeping you ahead of the competition. Moreover, they make sure that the IT solutions build upon the defined requirements. 

Architecture and Business Consulting

TBSCG consulting experts have been spending the majority of time on client consulting engagements assessing, designing, and developing architecture solutions involving cross platform architecture, cloud computing architecture, network architecture, storage architecture, resource optimisation/virtualisation, and utilisation of enterprise architecture methods for solution design and deployment. 

Our Architects can help you build or improve your:

  • Server platform architecture
  • Virtualisation strategies/Cloud
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes
  • Networking and data management solutions
  • IT Service Management

Content Strategy

Defining your content strategy is one of the first steps. Your content strategy provides directions for the production, and informs the distribution and management of your content. TBSCG performs a thorough audit of your existing content to assess your strengths and weaknesses and align it with your corporate objectives. 

Web Design, UX & UI

TBSCG’s website design approach is based on user experience and user interface, considering and expounding upon site architecture, user journeys, branding, and aesthetics.

TBSCG’s extensive experience on creating and improving online experiences will guarantee the fulfillment of your organisation’s requirements toward these ends. Our user experience process includes everything a user touches, hears or sees on your organisation’s digital point of contact/sale though our UX process of research and analysis-design, production-beta launch, and evaluation stages.

TBSCG follows the process of a user-centric design from the perspective of how it will be understood and used by a human user though our UI process of discovery-concept-prototyping and user testing phases.

Brand Strategy 

TBSCG’s brand strategy is defined by the identity, language and visuals of your brand. A strong and unique brand identity distinguishes you from competition and determines how you capture the attention of your audience. The verbal and written language used is extremely important to communicating your message and we make sure you are doing it with the correct language and tone, solid relations between concepts, and products or services. TBSCG, through a detailed analysis of images, design, typography, colour patterns, and videos ensures that your brand will visually create an impression that is engaging and exciting.  

Digital Experience

Digital experience is not an IT-driven initiative. It is a customer-needs driven initiative. TBSCG leverages digital technology to improve your customers’ experiences and better address their needs. We can help you define how to meet the constantly changing customer expectations across and through multiple digital channels. TBSCG provides you with the strategy to integrate the digital experience into your products, services, and interactions across your entire organisation, thus ensuring the increasingly digital experiences you deliver are faster and smarter.

Content Editing

Our copywriters and journalists know how to write for different clients, different audiences, and different media. So, whether you need content for a mobile app, articles for a magazine, or copy for your website, our content team can produce content that captures your corporate voice.

Corporate video strategy 

Nowadays, all websites feature video content. Not simply because it’s the latest trend, but also because it offers the most efficient way of engaging with your audience. Video content can bring your brand to life. TBCCG can illuminate complex subjects, demonstrate brilliant products, and kick-start conversations online. Our video team can undertake script, produce, edit, and upload content for a range of clients.


Smart solutions to your business challenges.

Video Production

Do we need to adopt a promotional tone or a journalistic one? Is the video a special report, an interview or a TV-style program? Are we discussing about an advert or a viral video? Our editorial director will use his experience to identify how the video should look based on your specific business needs.

As soon as the brief has been completed, our creative team drafts the synopsis. The team contacts the principal stakeholders and organises a shoot preparation session. The aim of this session is to offer reassurance and minimise shoot inaccuracies. In most cases the shoot is a relatively small-scale affair: the editorial director and the video director are the only ones present. 

After the shoot we start a rough video editing in order to check the structure of the story, and then the finer editing is completed. Graphics, lower-thirds, subtitles, music, etc. are all added during the post-production phase. The “master” version of the video is then encoded ready for broadcast either on the web or at the point of sale.

Web Development

TBSCG offers a full range of expert web development services. Our developers have delivered a variety of projects ranging from corporate websites and e-commerce solutions to multi-functional web portals.

Whether you need a custom solution, want to extend the functionality of your existing one or improve its performance, we can help you with: requirements analysis and planning, software and system architecture, usable and accessible implementation, agile processes, use of effective SEO practices, monitoring, scalability and reliability.

Project Management

Our project management experts offer an elastic and highly bespoke service based on a robust and well-proven formula for delivery with a combination of strict deliverables schedule with efficient team management. TBSCG defines clearly the business and project objectives before categorising the most effective resources to deliver.

We provide end-to-end project and delivery management services from the preparation of business cases and the development of organisational frameworks to straightforward procurement, design, development, testing and operation using agile practices. TBSCG’s management processes offer control, governance and transparency from inception to completion of the project, while it continuously monitors project’s progress at any stage identifying risks at an early stage.

Enterprise Content Management

TBSCG can help you meet a wide range of enterprise content management demands such as content authoring, multichannel delivery, site design and layout, multivariate testing, content targeting, rich media management, advanced analytics, social content management, workflow and approval, and archiving. Our content management offer scalability, Multichannel and social content, Content targeting, Rich media management, online Optimisation and Metadata management.

Digital Asset Management

TBSCG has extensive experience in building digital asset management solution to help organisations with distributed teams to provide engaging and consistent customer experience by effectively managing, distributing, and publishing thousands of user-facing digital assets. Some of the benefits are agility, strong brand identity, increased productivity, and the future leverage of your corporate assets.

Big Data

TBSCG can analyse your big data in order to provide you with the intelligence you need to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information. TBSCG will first help you identify the metrics you should measure, and then build the appropriate reporting to record all the vital numbers, which can be viewed by industry, channel, region, and country. Once your metrics reporting is up and running, the next step is analysing the results and compare them with your industry’s benchmarks in order to improve them. TBSCG can assist in defining realistic KPIs for your organisation so you can reach your targets.

E-Commerce Solutions

TBSCG has gained a lot of experience in e-commerce solutions for a wide range of local and international clients. When developing an e-commerce solution, we focus entirely on helping your online shop generate sales by designing and implementing:

  • User-friendly design with an effective user journey for your web store.
  • Secure and fast checkout process.
  • Integration of functional of recognised e-commerce solutions or a custom e-commerce development.
  • A selection of different payment systems including direct credit card payments, PayPal,, and many others
  • Different shipping services
  • Product integration with your existing ERP or CMS product catalogues.

Systems Integration 

Enterprise systems consist of many different applications that are custom built, third party, legacy systems, and multiple tiers of different operating system platforms. TBSCG’s has extensive experience in systems’ integration and we can assist you achieve real time information access, streamline business processes, and increase organisational efficiency while maintaining information integrity across multiple systems.

Hybrid Cloud 

The hybrid cloud is the combination of a public cloud provider with a private cloud platform that is designed for use by a single organisation. The public and private cloud infrastructures, which operate independently of each other, communicate over an encrypted connection, using technology that allows for the portability of data and applications.

TBSCG can analyse your business focus and needs (for example security, physical presence, hardware cost, workload) to propose the most effective strategy path for Hybrid cloud adoption.

Multichannel Communication

TBSCG offers Multichannel Communication Management services (MCM) that helps you make the most of every customer touch point by creating insightful, impactful, real-time customer communications. Proven, leading capabilities help you to improve your customers' overall experience with relevant, meaningful communications delivered through their preferred channel, including print, web, email and SMS.

Companies using our MCM services deliver a better customer experience in order to reduce:

  • document production costs.
  • document development time.
  • postage and paper costs.
  • document processing time.
  • document maintenance costs. Reduce document inventories (templates).

Mobile Applications

TBSCG develops mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows) for handheld devices (Smartphones, tablets) used within an enterprise and their customers. As part of the development process TBSCG focuses on Mobile User Interface Design to consider constraints, contexts, screen size, input and mobility.

We make sure that your mobilie apps depend on reliable back-ends to support access to enterprise systems. The mobile back-end facilitates information routing, security, authentication, authorisation, working off-line, and service orchestration; supported by a mixture of middleware to guarantee your customer will access and get the information needed and requested at any place and anytime.


Let us manage your technology
so you can manage your business.

SErvice Level as A Service - SELAS

Service level as a service hosting with application availability in mind

TBSCG main differentiating factor is SELAS which is Service Level as a Service hosting with application availability. SELAS is provided by a state of the art secured technical infrastructure, release management process human expertise and monitoring of real business scenarios.
Our virtual data center has been built with an architecture to avoid physical, economic and political threats.  We have based our business continuity and redundancy plans against these threats by placing data centers in various geographic locations and associating with the correct mixture of trustworthy different suppliers.


TBSCG strategic advantage is the ability to monitor real business scenarios simulations making sure that the actual functionality of the website is correct and available.

Also we have running operations that monitor: Server resources and availability, CPU, firewall sessions, disk and memory utilisation metrics, graphs, and operating systems and applications.

Moreover, we are running frequent security scans throughout our hosting infrastructure with the latest security defenses to achieve a proactive and continuous application and hosting security scanning for our customers.

Maintenance & Support

In TBSCG all Support and Maintenance services are managed through our Enterprise Operation Department (EOD) based on the ISO 20000/ITIL industry standards and TBSCG’s ISO 27001 certification. The main four basic processes EOD uses are the Incident, Problem, Access and Event Management in order to fulfill the request’s lifecycle.

Subscription Services

Don’t get distracted anymore by maintenance of your infrastructure. Focus on your business and TBSCG will take care of the rest. TBSCG offers flexible subscription services to keep your cost low and pay only for the services you really need, reduce capital expenditure by switching your environment to TBSCG’s management, reduce business risk and spread the knowledge of your environment with our Support team, be cost effective than other options and avoid the investment required for your own support infrastructure.

Furthermore, your organisation can access a wide range of skilled professionals, define your preferred rate for your project, and have a proactive solution management and monitoring.

Quality Assurance and Testing

With TBSCG’s Quality Assurance service the developers do the DEV Testing activities while our QA team does the rest (test planning, designing and execution). TBSCG’s QA team provides tests on Front-end, Back-end and Functionality. Here is how we do it:

  • Agile, fast reaction for changes as in constant contact with the DEVs.
  • Separate, independent – QA is not connected to DEVs in any formal way.
  • Detail level tailored for actual needs.
  • Accurate – Risk management on place – focusing on the most important things first.
  • Deliverables – the QA Certificate is a document with QA’s independent opinion on the project quality (what was tested, what was not tested, what is OK, what risks are left).

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