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We are specialised in the creation of corporate DXP (Digital Experience Platform) architectures, and particularly in the set-up and management of Corporate CMS and DAM solutions.​ We work with several partners and solutions, so we understand the subject matter beyond specific Software or vendors.​

We have seen many common challenges from our customers regarding the management of the content over the years, especially the digital assets and when it comes to control and facilitate the flow of coming assets and the publication across different channels.

Common questions we see when talking to our clients include:

  • How do we control that the correctly approved assets are shown on our websites?

  • How do we align all the channels to use the same set of assets?

  • How do we coordinate all the asset providers so they are all under the same process?

  • How do we manage the assets rights coming from providers, or even our own?

  • How can we differentiate between assets being discussed, ready to be used, and currently used?

  • How can we archive or mark assets as expired? 

These questions made us realise there is an intrinsic need for every company, of every size, to have a common conversation around the journey of a certain asset, and how it can go from conception, to management, publication and archival.

Our experiences have led us to create the Digital Asset Life Cycle framework. This includes analysis, checklists and accelerators specific to each of the six very different stages that an asset must go through:

  • Conception

  • Generation

  • Information management

  • Storage

  • Consumption

  • End of life

The goal of the framework is to create a common vocabulary for future conversations. This ensures that we are fully aligned with your business goals at each stage of the project.

The process

 In order to execute this and make it real, we have predefined workshops, so we know what are the main questions to be asked.

  • Kick-off meeting (definition and alignment of requirements and strategic goals)

  • Functional workshop - Asset creation and generation

  • Functional workshop - Asset information management and storage

  • Functional workshop - Asset consumption

  • Functional workshop - Asset end of life

  • Technical workshop

  • Roadmap presentation (presentation of future state and the roadmap to get there)

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