Digital Asset Accelerator

TBSCG’s DAA product extends the capabilities of industry leading Digital Asset Management systems.

We have deployed Enterprise DAMs more than a dozen times in a decade, and we understand its limitations as well as its strengths. The challenges that some of our clients were facing sounded familiar to us, so we began to look for a long-term solution that would save time and drive up quality.

We began developing an add-on for various enterprise DAMs that would eliminate the need for business users to manipulate content. We designed, built, and tested the Digital Asset Accelerator.

Digital Asset Accelerator provides dynamic content curating and delivery. Content is customised for the user’s screen, browser, and resolution, so they get low-bandwidth, great-looking content regardless of how they visit the website or app.

It is also future-proof because content is served from the repository dynamically. So if new screen sizes, new resolutions, or new apps emerge, content will be instantly updated – without any human interaction.

Our Asset Accelerator is an ideal product for any modern responsive web development. Users expect websites to adapt to their device, and now all content can respond on the fly, delivering ultimate quality and ultimate efficiency, effortlessly.


E-Commerce Connector

Our E-commerce Connector transforms your content management system into a successful e-shop.

  • Take back control of online channel for sales.
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase turnover by reaching more potential customers.
  • Make all items of the catalogue available to customers.

Enterprise global environments are complex and there is an integrated mixture of CMS systems, multiple websites, DAMs, CRM, ERP, product catalogs, and much more. The EC layer is fully available to exchange product information and ecommerce data with other systems.

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Application Virtualisation Layer

AVL has been built with a focus on the user journey. It is a simple http relay that can be instantly connected to your SSO in order to display business data and applications on a marketing website without the need for an additional portal.

TBSCG’s Application Virtualisation Layer (AVL) runs with HP LiveSite, Adobe CQ5, and other enterprise platforms.

HTML application: AVL integrates the application into the website giving the impression that it has always been there. The application no longer appears in a pop-up window or with a separate sign-on system.

Web Services: AVL allows the website to communicate with an application, displaying its functions in HP’s or Adobe’s web experience tool components.

Thanks to AVL, your applications and marketing are no longer inextricably linked. AVL eliminates the need for synchronised go-lives that cause delays and reduced marketing flexibility by enabling application integration and full control of design and layout.

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Rounding up your Digital Marketing and Experience environments, Collie allows you to automatically synchronise your content and website structure across different environments including Production, Pre-Production, UAT, Integration, and Development.

  • Scheduled synchronisations.
  • On-demand synchronisations.
  • Selective content operations with advanced filters.
  • Automatic translation of hardcoded environment settings.
  • Automated deployment.
  • Environment comparison.
  • Reporting on content, asset counts, and system logs.
  • Easy to implement - no additional servers or extensive applications/libraries required.
  • Support for countless authoring and runtime environments, configurations, operating systems, and digital marketing/experience platforms.
  • Controlled and automated export/import of data between environments.

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