Jessops website training quiz go-live


Jessops website training quiz go-live

On the 18th of August 2016 TBSCG release another successful upgrade to the internal Jessops Training website portal. The goal is to allow the simple creation and upload of quizzes to their highly used internal training site.

TBSCG was engaged to create a quick, simple and very cost effective solution. The website was designed with simplicity in mind – to take an excel spreadsheet comprised of two sheets, one of questions and one to control the number to be shown, pass marks and the badge awarded (bronze, silver and gold). Then all this info can be simply uploaded into the CMS, and a quiz page generated from these.

With the future roadmap in mind, TBSCG designed a future-proof solution which will facilitate quicker and easier development of additional functionality.

Alexandra Blackall, Academy and Retail Training Coordinator, of Jessops commented: “We are very pleased with the outcome of this project. TBSCG undertook this project under very tight budget constraints and with a very loose ideas list, they took the concept, ran with it and provided the complete solution, design, firm requirements, solution and testing. They even provided us with the spreadsheet (with validators). We were highly impressed with the whole process”.

Jessops Europe Limited is a British photographic retailing company. There are 52 independent Jessops stores throughout the UK with some stores in Sainsbury’s largest stores.

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