• Case studies

    An ERP System to Support les Services de Remplacement's Work
      Discover how TBSCG rolled-out an enterprise resource planning system... [+]

    Eco TV by BNP Paribas
    EcoTV and EcoTV Week: two video programmes to showcase the expertise of... [+]

  • News

    02/07/2014 The Banyan Solutions Consulting Group (TBSCG) Expands Their Capabilities by Signing a Strategic Global Partnership with Magnolia [+]

    03/06/2014 Webinar: Maximizing Engagement with Digital Assets [+]

    16/05/2014 Video clip on Road Security [+]

  • Testimonials

    "TBSCG has been working with us for over a year, helping us produce videos that notably aim to promote our quality of life services. We are exceedingly satisfied with their work, and have found the team to be both professional and highly responsive.”
    Karine MASSIERA
    Project manager Communication Marketing – Education Department